New harness horse competition!

Last week it became known that we are the main sponsor of the new harness horse competition, as this spring was brought to life by the Association of Harness Horse Riders Netherlands (VTN).

With this competition the VTN wants to make more promotion for the harness horse sport. With Anemone Horse Trucks as sponsor, the VTN has found the ideal partner to put the unique Dutch harness horse even more in the spotlight. Director Bert van Kooten was equally enthusiastic about the competition and said he was happy that his company could give a valuable and positive boost to harness horse sport in the Netherlands. The sponsorship contract is therefore also entered into for the same three years.

Last Sunday, May 21, was the first compeitite competition at CH De Wijk and it was great to see for the public!
The next match will take place in Dokkum on 23 June.